Mr Gasket Intake Manifold Gasket Set & Accessories

Mr Gasket Intake Manifold Gasket Set

Gaskets are important to the mating surfaces of various parts, especially if these parts contain liquid or gas. Your car's engine needs many of these components. One is the Mr Gasket intake manifold gasket set, a complete kit containing all sealing materials needed by the intake manifold. This manifold is a tube where the fuel and air pass through before the mixture is delivered to the intake valve and combusted in the engine cylinders. With its important function, it is vital that you keep it from leaks. So if you're no longer enjoying the performance of your original rubber gasket, the ideal replacement is the intake manifold gasket set from Mr Gasket. This kit is designed as a direct replacement and will surely improve the performance of your intake manifold.

The Mr Gasket intake manifold gasket set is made from a winning blend of nitrile rubber and fiber. Rubber contributes to the part's flexibility, a primary need in sealing, and the fiber makes it more durable under thermal stress. A complete kit includes seals and block-off plates that adhere to the original specifications of your automobile. You'll also find gaskets in different port dimensions and thickness, so take note of your automobile's specs. They are distinct, and getting the gasket perfectly matching them is vital. Whatever your auto's make, model, or year, Mr Gasket has precision die-cut gaskets available-whether for high-performance street application, drag racing, or oval track racing. They can be trimmed to fit modified ports, so the gaskets are easy to install. You can even do by yourself so that you won't need to pay for a mechanic.

Every product released from the warehouse of Mr Gasket comes with a limited 90-day warranty, giving you enough time to check and inspect the quality of the gasket set you get. When it's time to install the product, you can also refer to the guides in the company's home page to help you on those DIY tasks. What's more, Mr Gasket products are readily available here. Parts Train stocks Mr Gasket intake manifold gasket set for virtually all auto makes and models.