Mr Gasket Intake Manifold Bolt Set & Accessories

Combustion is the key process that allows your engine to perform at its best. That's why the moment air and fuel are mixed during combustion, the newly formed mixture is quickly routed to your cylinders. And the component responsible for doing that is your vehicle's intake manifold. Because it's tasked to carry the all-important air-fuel mixture to your cylinders, this part needs to be kept secure to help it function properly. Otherwise, your engine could lose out on getting the air-fuel mixture it needs. So to keep your intake manifold in place, make sure that you use the bolts that come with a Mr Gasket Intake Manifold Bolt Set.

With a Mr Gasket Intake Manifold Bolt Set, you get a set of bolts that can help lock your intake manifold in place. Since each bolt in this intake manifold bolt set comes with its own extra-thick flat washers, it's guaranteed to give the right amount of clamping pressure to secure the component. So no matter how rough the road gets, you're assured that your intake manifold won't get dislodged or collide with other engine components. Aside from holding the intake manifold in place, the flat washers prevent its surface from getting damaged. Because these bolts are responsible for keeping your intake manifold from falling off, Mr Gasket had each one made from high-quality materials. Along with its washers, the bolts are zinc plated to give them the resistance they need to combat wear and tear. They're also given a black coating for added durability and enhanced overall appearance. Finally, each bolt comes in a direct-fit design for easy mounting. When mounting each bolt, you won't have to make any modification to the components found in every Mr Gasket Intake Manifold Bolt Set.

Since the intake manifold transmits the air-fuel mixture produced after combustion, it needs to be kept safe and secure at all times. And with a Mr Gasket Intake Manifold Bolt Set, the intake manifold will stay bolted in place won't collide with other engine components. Enjoy the benefits this product has to offer by getting a set for your ride today.