Mr Gasket Gauge Face & Accessories

Just how important is a gauge face? When you drive, you get instant access to the condition and performance of your automobile through three or more gauge faces on your dash. These parts display the speed of your vehicle, its fuel pressure, total distance traveled, and other important information about your ride. You can even find custom gauge faces that can give your interior cabin an aesthetic boost. One example is the Mr Gasket gauge face. It is available in different styles that can make your interior a lot more appealing. It also gives you accurate information on how your automotive systems are doing while you're on the road.

Silver, aqua, or classic—the Mr Gasket gauge face comes in various colors and in complete sets. These sets come with circular disc meters that have different sizes to indicate what they measure. The biggest gauge is the speedometer that shows the mileage of your automobile. Then, you'll also find the RPM gauge or the tachometer that measures crankshaft rotation and displays single figures. These figures are multiplied by 1,000 to get the correct crankshaft revolution rate. The smaller gauge faces are for the fuel pressure and water temperature. All gauge faces from Mr. Gasket come with complete nylon tubing and brass fittings that connect them to where the real action is—inside the valve train. Others are dash-laminated and protruding like headlights on Harley motorbikes.

The Mr Gasket gauge face is a direct replacement for your old and worn-out gauge face. When replacing your gauge face, you can be creative by simply acquiring the one that gives your dash a distinct appearance. Unique to Mr Gasket are the special easy-to-install slip-seal fittings each gauge face is equipped with, enabling you to do the installation on your own. This way, you'll save more from your hard-earned money while you learn more technical skills. Look for more choices here at Parts Train by browsing our product catalog and plan for the perfect time to do your dash upgrade. Next time you hit the road, you'll definitely feel the difference this dash enhancement project will make!