Mr Gasket Fuel Pump Bolt Kit & Accessories

Mr Gasket Fuel Pump Bolt Kit

Yes, fuel is definitely vital to keep your car revving up for the road, but it's not the only thing your engine needs. Did you know that one of the key components in internal combustion is the fuel pump? It makes sure the fuel circulates throughout your vehicle properly and that it goes through the proper channels. So it's very important to ensure that this component is installed correctly and securely. To make sure that your fuel pump stays in place and continues doing its job efficiently, install it with the help of a Mr Gasket fuel pump bolt kit.

Like most aftermarket Mr Gasket products, a Mr Gasket fuel pump bolt kit is also chrome-plated, which doesn't only give it a great look, but makes it extra tough as well. That means your fuel pump is always secure with this product. This kit includes a pair of 16 by 1.25 grade-five hex-head bolts with 0.375 diameter and .0375 AN washers. With a Mr Gasket fuel pump bolt kit, installing the fuel pump is very easy. But before you start, take note of the following: First, you must drain the fuel in your tank because chips and cracks from your old bolts might have contaminated it. Then make sure you have everything you need such as the correct tools and a manual. Follow the instructions carefully, use this bolt kit to secure the pump in place, and you're set!

Fuel goes through a lot of processes before getting combusted. It needs to be pressurized and atomized before it reaches the intake valve. Plus, it should mix with the appropriate amount of air before going to the cylinders. To ensure that your fuel goes through the proper channels and won't interrupt the combustion, don't use bolts from just any brand when installing your fuel pump. The conditions in your fuel tank-shock and thermal stress-are too extreme for a substandard replacement bolt kit to handle. They may even contaminate the fuel with corroded rust chips, which will flow through the other parts and damage them. So make sure your car uses only top-grade bolts, like the ones included in a Mr Gasket fuel pump bolt kit.