Mr Gasket Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate & Accessories

Converting your fuel pump from a mechanical to an electrical one requires you to change its location. When you do that, you'll be left with an empty mounting area. While you can leave it as it is, having a useless and empty space can ruin the look of your engine assembly. Let's face it, nobody wants to have their ride sport unsealed openings when its hood is popped open, right? That's why if you're very critical about your engine compartment's looks, you'll need to cover the area left behind by your old fuel pump. And the best way to do that is by placing a Mr Gasket Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate on top of it.

The Mr Gasket Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate works on shielding the area where the old fuel pump was placed. It's specifically designed to cover fuel line openings to prevent them from ruining the look of the engine compartment. Aside from shielding the fuel pump's old location, this product also contributes to the overall performance of the new pump. To help the fuel pump block-off plate do its job, Mr Gasket gave it a triple fin design. It also built the product from die-cast aluminum to give it high resistance to rusting and extreme temperature. The Mr Gasket Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate also has a polished chrome finish to help enhance its overall appearance. Plus, it comes with a gasket to keep it sealed tight and prevent harmful elements from getting into the opening. Finally, to make installation quick and hassle-free, Mr Gasket had its fuel pump block-off plate come in a direct-fit design. By specifically molding it to your vehicle's specifications, this product is sure to fit perfectly during setup without requiring any modifications.

Once your fuel pump has been converted and moved to a different location, you'll have an empty space where the pump used to be in your engine compartment. So instead of leaving it the way it is and making it an eyesore, let the Mr Gasket Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate cover up the empty area. By doing that, you'll give people something better to look at when they pop open your car's hood.