Mr Gasket Engine Oil Drain Plug & Accessories

One of the things you'd surely not want is for your engine oil to become contaminated. When that happens, expect your vehicle to encounter problems that can make it perform poorly on the road. Now to keep their supply of oil clean, drivers rely on the help of oil filters. However, the oil filter isn't the only one responsible for keeping your oil dirt-free. There's also another component that can help your vehicle circulate a clean supply of oil—the Mr Gasket Engine Oil Drain Plug.

The Mr Gasket Engine Oil Drain Plug is primarily responsible for closing the drain hole located in your oil pan's bottom. Since it plugs your oil pan's drain hole, all you need to do is to screw it out so that the old oil can be drained. Once it's locked in place, however, it doesn't simply prevent oil leaks. It also works on gathering the metal particles produced by transmission wear carried along by your oil. The oil drain plug is able to do all that because it has a magnetic part. That way, you're assured that all metal particles that sink to the oil pan's bottom will stick to the plug and not get carried off towards your engine's bearings. Thus, the product also helps prevent engine problems such as transmission or gear failure. Now to ensure that its oil drain plug does a good job, Mr Gasket equipped it with a gasket or O-ring to make it effectively seal your oil pan's drain hole. And to give you a fast and hassle-free installation, the Mr Gasket Engine Oil Drain Plug is produced with a direct-fit design, which ensures it will fit properly without making any modifications to it.

Contaminated oil can wreak havoc to your engine's overall quality and your vehicle's performance. So aside from having an oil filter clean your oil supply, make sure you seal your oil pan's drain hole with a Mr Gasket Engine Oil Drain Plug. By using this product, you'll have peace of mind knowing that the oil coursing through your engine remains free of harmful metallic particles.