Mr Gasket Distributor Shim & Accessories

Mr Gasket Distributor Shim

Mr Gasket aims to help every automobile achieve a great performance, right from the time it is started until it is turned off after a day's drive. The brand offers auto parts and accessories as direct replacements to original equipment parts, and it develops its products with high performance in mind. So if you're no longer satisfied with the starting time and the efficiency of your ignition and other assemblies, you can replace your OEM parts with the aftermarket performance products from the brand. You can even find small parts like distributor shim sets, gaskets, and grommets. For instance, you can fill the gaps between the distributor flange and manifold of your auto with the Mr Gasket distributor shim in case it has an excessively milled head or block.

The Mr Gasket distributor shim is offered in a kit that also comes with bushings. Each kit is equipped with nylon shims that measure 0.030, 0.060, and 0.090 inches. The shims have longer and larger diameter pilot to ensure that they are effective even when used with oversized distributor bore. Also, the shims can give the distributor a 0.125-inch raise. From excessively milled heads or blocks to oversized bores, you're definitely covered with a complete distributor shim and bushing kit. This kit will ensure not only correct spacing but also correct distributor height to minimize the possibilities of oil pump bind and spark scatter, as well as to remove excessive distributor endplay. Plus, you can install it on your own-no need to seek help from a mechanic just to have the product installed.

Just like the other manufactured products from Mr Gasket, the Mr Gasket distributor shim comes with a limited 90-day warranty to provide every vehicle owner and fleet manager ultimate satisfaction and peace of mind. This product, along with its warranty, is available at online auto parts shops like Parts Train. Other shims that can provide easy adjustment, eliminate unwanted noise, and properly align components are also available online. To make sure that you get your hard-earned money's worth, choose the shim that's made using strict manufacturing processes and can last for a long time.