Mr Gasket Distributor Clamp & Accessories

Without regular supply of electricity, your engine will find it difficult to power your car. This dependency makes the ignition system vital. Because of this system, your vehicle gets the electricity it needs for smooth operation. One of its components that ensure the proper distribution of electrical current is the distributor. What makes this ignition part important is its ability to do this in the correct firing order. By doing so, the distributor prevents engine misfires. Because of these functions, it's important to make sure that the distributor stays secure at all times. And the product that can do that for you is a Mr Gasket Distributor Clamp.

By getting a Mr Gasket Distributor Clamp, you have a product that can serve as perfect replacement for your old wire clamps. With its help, you can prevent your distributor from bouncing around while your vehicle is in motion. As a result, it's able to maintain its excellent performance no matter how rough the road gets. This also allows the distributor to help your ride achieve accurate timing consistently. Aside from securing it, this product can give your distributor enough clearance, enabling you to have easy access to it. Also, since the Mr Gasket Distributor Clamp sports a bright chrome finish, it can give your engine a sleeker appearance. Now, to help its distributor clamp hold your distributor in place, Mr Gasket made sure that the product came with all the necessary hardware such as bolt, gasket, stud, and nut. These parts are designed to fit exactly in place, allowing you to install them without making any modifications. This distributor clamp also comes with serrations located at the bottom, thus preventing the distributor from rotating.

By ensuring that your distributor stays in place, this distributor clamp helps provide your engine with its daily dose of electricity. As a result, you're assured that your vehicle will function properly while you're on the road. And best of all, you won't have to worry about it dying on you. So make it a point to secure your distributor by getting it a Mr Gasket Distributor Clamp.