Mr Gasket Cold Air Intake & Accessories

Great driving performance is achieved with the help of high-end auto parts and accessories. So equip your vehicle only with quality-tested aftermarket devices to give its capabilities a boost. Get products manufactured by Mr Gasket, the world-class maker of direct-fit replacement valve train parts. One of its products you can get is the Mr Gasket cold air intake. Made exactly for your auto make and model, it takes away the restrictions in your vehicle's air box and the air contaminants that may get into your engine.

The Mr Gasket cold air intake is made from high-grade and mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing, designed to match the original specifications of your vehicle. It's crafted with the use of computer equipment for uniformity and exact dimensions, resulting in higher flow of denser, oxygen-rich air that will optimize the engine's four-stroke operations. The assembly also includes an equally high-performance air filter made of cotton fiber. This high-flow filter element will efficiently keep all damaging particulates and elements from the incoming air to keep your engine's cylinders in great condition. With these cold air intake components, your engine will surely work more efficiently and produce five to six percent more horsepower and torque. You'll also get better mileage at the same fuel consumption and enjoy cleaner burn and emission.

With each Mr Gasket cold air intake package, you get an air intake tube (available in red, blue, and polished chrome finishes), a conical filter element, and the necessary mounting hardware. Installing this cold air intake will be a lot easier if you're replacing the same kind of assembly in your system; just put it in as you would re-install the old air intake you've removed. Thus, you practically have nothing to worry about with this product. But if you still have questions and need more tips, you can ask Mr Gasket's technical support team through their website. When it comes to dealers, however, get the Mr Gasket cold air intake of your choice only from reputable business partners like Parts Train. Order one now and enjoy a high-performance drive in less time at the least cost!