Mr Gasket Clutch Linkage Kit & Accessories

Mr Gasket Clutch Linkage Kit

Shifting gears when you're on the track can be quite difficult, but you need not worry if you're supported by the Mr Gasket clutch linkage kit. This is a complete set of replacement clutch linkage components that you can install for a more positive clutch release and stronger power shifting-something that you definitely need during high-performance drives. And because different vehicles have different specifications and different drivers have different preferences, there are many linkage kit choices for you. Pick your preferred kit between the manufacturer's 7-inch and 10.5-inch clutch linkage kits to match your vehicle specs and your personal driving requirements.

Both of these Mr Gasket clutch linkage kit choices are made from durable 4140 chrome moly materials. They're treated under tremendous heat to ensure that they won't easily break or bend during extreme engine temperatures. Mr Gasket engineers used computer design and development software and hardware to ensure the accurate dimension of the parts. To complete the stringent manufacturing processes that every clutch linkage kit undergoes, each kit component is plated with chrome to strengthen its resistance against corrosion. Apart from giving you long-lasting service, the chrome-plated kit components also give your engine gear system a more professional look. With all these benefits, you can rest assured that your hard-earned money is not put to waste if you choose this excellent clutch linkage kit.

The installation of the Mr Gasket clutch linkage kit is easy even for DIY beginners. These kits are designed with the exact specifications of selected engine makes and models, and they come with the necessary hardware and accessories for installation. And since it's crafted as a direct replacement, no modifications are needed and you'll only need simple hand tools for a successful installation. The kit comes with a 90-day warranty from its manufacturer. You can get this product right now right here at Parts Train. We are Mr Gasket's partner when it comes to auto maintenance, so we offer complete auto component kits at affordable prices. We look forward to providing you with high-quality aftermarket parts from one of the top manufacturers in the industry.