Mr Gasket Canopy & Accessories

Love to travel off-road with your SUV but hate the way these travels make your cargoes all covered with dust and other unwanted elements? You just need the Mr Gasket canopy that's fitted exactly for your vehicle to make things a lot better! This heat and rain shield will provide a good covering for your cargo area, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you'll reach your destination with all your things in good condition even during extreme road and weather conditions. You can easily set it up, remove, and store at the back of your jeep or SUV.

The Mr Gasket canopy is made from heavy-duty materials that are proven to keep water from seeping through the vehicle's cabin. It's also designed to absorb and minimize heat that would otherwise penetrate your automobile when you drive during hot days. And for a longer-lasting service, it's crafted to resist UV rays, acid, and flame. That way, you can travel safely in any condition. Canopies are available in different colors and designs that will match your automobile's specifications, so you can surely mix and match to achieve your desired look for your ride. You can use a canvas or an aluminum canopy, depending on your need. Additionally, it can accommodate other add-ons like roof racks and bars to help you easily carry all your stuffs on your vehicle roof. And if you need shelter while camping, you'll also find canopies with awning. They're perfect for shielding your cargo against the sun and the rain.

Setting up the Mr Gasket canopy is very easy with its provided access and snap-on holes. And at times when you want to enjoy the wind and bathe in sunrays, you can simply undo its ties, nuts, or snap it off and store it in your cargo area or toolbox. It's really handy, so get one now from Parts Train! Our comprehensive product catalog certainly has everything you need to make your ride more convenient and hassle-free. Browse the catalog now before you place your order. With our fast delivery, you can have it before your next off-road adventure!