Mr Gasket Cam Change Gasket Set & Accessories

Mr Gasket Cam Change Gasket Set

Engine rebuilding is an upgrade that you can do not only when the engine is damaged, but also if you want better performance in your ride. This upgrade includes the replacement of some of your auto's important parts like cam gaskets and seals. Getting a Mr Gasket cam change gasket set is a wise idea. This kit includes all the different types of gaskets you will need during cam change. And since this set is from an experienced manufacturer of rubber seals and steel gaskets, you can be sure of the product's quality. More importantly, all gaskets are made as direct replacements to your original equipment gaskets, so installation is easy as long as you get the right set.

Changing the gaskets in your cam can be a challenge. Before you start, make sure you have safely parked your automobile and that the hood strut is properly placed. Now, take off the harmonic balancer, oil pan, water pump and its pulley, timing cover, and gaskets. Clean the mating surfaces of the block and replace the gaskets one by one with the right components from the Mr Gasket cam change gasket set. And to ensure that they are properly in place, use the silicone sealer that comes with the set. Before tightening the front cover bolts of the cam, install the harmonic balancer first to ensure that both the cover and oil seal are centered in the crankshaft. This is very important to guarantee a leak-free front cover. Next, tighten the mounting bolts to the correct torque specification. And with the cam secured, install the water pump and engine pulleys. To ensure that the installation is correct, start the engine and check for leaks and other irregularities.

The components of the Mr Gasket cam change gasket set are all made from the most durable rubber and steel materials and have undergone strict manufacturing processes. This cam change gasket set meets environmental performance standards and also has a warranty for 90 days, just enough time for you to inspect its quality. We carry this product here at our catalog, and we have a variety of choices when it comes to your automotive needs.