Mr Gasket Brush Guard & Accessories

Driving through rough road conditions exposes your four-wheeler to a lot of risks. Don't let these risks get the best of your vehicle; protect your ride with a Mr Gasket brush guard. A brush guard is one of the most useful accessories you can mount to your truck or SUV. Designed to be bolted onto the vehicle's front end, the brush guard from Mr Gasket keeps important auto parts safe from the damage off-road trails can cause. It actually acts as an extra layer of armor for your car.

Made from strong steel, the Mr Gasket brush guard protects your vehicle's grille, engine, and bumper in the event of collisions with rocks or fallen tree trunks. It also protects you from injury by absorbing most minor collision impact. When bolted over the grille, this Mr Gasket accessory provides the heavy-duty protection you need in driving through the woods or rocky trails. The Mr Gasket brush guard ensures that the grille remains intact and that the engine is safe from physical damage, too. Besides acting as your vehicle's first line of defense against off-road abuse, this brush guard also enhances your vehicle's aesthetics. With a brush guard on its front end, your vehicle looks rougher and tougher. Mr Gasket even offers brush guards in a wide variety of styles such as black powder-coated brush guards and diamond-plated brush guards. Moreover, this accessory can accommodate extra lighting devices like fog lights. Worried about installing the Mr Gasket brush guard? That should be the last thing on your mind. Installing the accessory is really easy. You just have to drill a few small holes onto your vehicle's front end and securely bolt the brush guard in place.

Give your vehicle's front end the protection it needs. Keep it safe from damaging off-road elements with a premium Mr Gasket brush guard. Remember, protective accessories for your vehicle are always good investments. Hey! You don't want to end up with a vehicle that has a smashed-in front end, do you? So consider a worthwhile upgrade in this brush guard from Mr Gasket. Parts Train offers this item and other protective accessories from Mr Gasket. All of them are available in our online catalog at affordable prices.