Mr Gasket Blender & Accessories

You know what can make a leisurely picnic in the countryside on a fine summer day even better? Having a cold, refreshing smoothie in hand while you enjoy the view. But the problem is that blenders—which are used to make these delicious smoothies—are not exactly known for their portability. But thanks to the Mr Gasket blender, you can now enjoy that! Because this blender is more advanced than many regular blenders today, this Mr Gasket product can mix, crush, chop, or ground harder food items. And best of all, you can use it even outside your house!

What sets the Mr Gasket blender apart from other blenders is its portability and ease of storage. During picnics by the beach or at the park, the blender can be plugged into the lighter plug on the vehicle's dashboard and you can mix whatever food item you choose to put into the blending container. Made from durable glass, the product's blending container is designed to safely contain even sharp and hard chips of ice during the blending stage. Have you ever experienced using a blender with an unsecured cover? If yes, then you've probably experienced cleaning the contents of your drink from all over your kitchen. That won't happen with this blender. Its container comes with a cover that prevents food from getting flung out when blending. The container is also large enough to allow the mixing and crushing of a combination of fruits and ice in one spin. This makes preparing mouth-watering smoothies, fruit juices, milkshakes, and frappuccinos fast and convenient. And if you prefer something more savory, the Mr Gasket blender can help you create quick soups and purées. This blender even allows you to make your own peanut butter! This Mr Gasket product definitely makes picnics and road trips more enjoyable.

Nothing completes a long, hot summer drive better than a cool, refreshing drink. So why not enjoy a shake or smoothie on those summer drives and picnics? With a Mr Gasket blender stored in your vehicle, you can make those fruity concoctions with just the push of a button.