Mr Gasket Applicator & Accessories

Nothing comes close to Mr Gasket when it comes to quality and performance. With its wide range of topnotch items, from upgrades and replacement parts to various maintenance tools, this company has definitely proven that it's one of the most trustworthy car parts manufacturers today. Plus, Mr Gasket doesn't produce only high-grade performance and replacement parts, but products that help you keep your car clean and shiny as new, too. The latter, one good example of which is the Mr Gasket applicator, make cleaning your car easier and definitely cut your car cleaning time significantly.

So what's an applicator and what does it do? It's a material used to apply wax, polish, conditioner, and other similar substances to certain areas and surfaces of your car. You might be thinking twice about doing these tasks yourself because of the mess it creates. That's understandable. After all, if you're busy and don't have time to scrub off like a pro, you'll want something that will help you do the cleaning without making your hands really filthy. Well, now you don't need to worry. With a Mr Gasket applicator, you can do the dirty job quickly and easily. Since it's a handy tool you can use to apply wax or other cleaning products to your car's body or interior parts when cleaning your car, applying all sorts of automotive fluid when tidying up your car becomes a piece of cake.

Using the Mr Gasket applicator is very easy. It's just like using an ordinary rug: (1) pour a little cleaning liquid or wax on it and (2) rub it onto your car. But the big difference between this product and an ordinary rug is that this applicator cleans your car more efficiently than ordinary rugs could. Plus, unlike ordinary rugs, this Mr Gasket product is made specifically for cleaning/maintenance purposes. That way, it won't scratch your car's paint or glass surfaces. That, for sure, leaves little doubt that when doing regular car cleanups, a Mr Gasket applicator is an extremely helpful tool. You can find this product in Parts Train's safe and easy-to-use online catalog.