Mr Gasket Air Cleaner Top & Accessories

Mr Gasket Air Cleaner Top

Without an air cleaner, your engine will choke on the particles that got mixed with the air used during combustion, and this will result in poor engine performance. That's why having an air cleaner is a must. It makes sure that these harmful particles are kept out of the engine. However, even though this component filters the air that enters your engine, it doesn't mean that it can't be contaminated. Just like your engine, the air cleaner needs to be free of dirt and debris to keep it performing efficiently. And that's what a Mr Gasket Air Cleaner Top is for.

This air cleaner top prevents dust and other particles from contaminating the air cleaner. Once you install this product, you can be sure that harmful elements like dust and moisture will be kept at bay. That way, the quality of the air cleaner won't be compromised. And by preventing these particles from getting into the engine, a Mr Gasket Air Cleaner Top keeps the air you use clean. That means fewer chances of engine damage and your vehicle will burn fuel better, so you'll get more efficient engine combustion. Not only will your car give better engine performance, you'll get improved fuel mileage, too. Every Mr Gasket Air Cleaner Top is constructed using top-grade, heavy gauge steel to make it resilient to corrosive elements. It's also chrome-plated, so this adds extra protection, too. With this product, you won't have to worry about replacing the air cleaner top for a long time. But here's comes the difficult part-installation. Except that with an air cleaner top from Mr Gasket, installation isn't difficult at all-you can even do it yourself! Mr Gasket made sure that this item can be installed without having to make any modifications. Yup, it has a direct-fit design. Plus, it comes with the necessary components for installation, so you won't have to waste time altering the product just to get the exact fit.

Having an air cleaner installed in your car is the key to better engine combustion. Because with improved combustion comes better engine performance-and isn't that what every car owner wants? So keep your air cleaner in top shape with a Mr Gasket Air Cleaner Top, which can be easily ordered from Parts Train's extensive online catalog. With this product, your engine is always dirt-free, thus delivering a superior engine performance.