Motorcraft Throttle Position Sensor & Accessories

If you want to keep track of all your engine parts' operations, there are a lot of sensors nowadays to help you do just that. To keep track of the throttle in the engine, there's the Motorcraft Throttle Position Sensor. Its location on the butterfly spindle is important for it to keep tabs on the throttle valve butterfly's position. The data gathered by the sensor is promptly delivered to the engine control unit or ECU. This information sent to the ECU is vital because other engine processes including the ignition timing and fuel injection depend on it. Due to the very important function that the throttle position sensor does for the whole vehicle, it's even more important for it to be of excellent quality. It's a good thing the Motorcraft Throttle Position Sensor is crafted from premium-quality materials. Before any Motorcraft product is released in the market, it undergoes strict on-the-road testing to ensure it can withstand the rigors of various driving conditions. Because of this, you'll have no qualms when it comes to the product's quality. With this part installed in your car, you'll be able to improve your engine's performance. To avail of this quality component, come only to PartsTrain. We have the most comprehensive product selection for you to choose from. Just browse through our catalog to find the Motorcraft Throttle Position Sensor that matches you car's requirements. Shop now and avail of our affordable prices and big discounts!