Motorcraft Oxygen Sensor & Accessories

An accurate, stable combination of air and fuel should be provided to the car's exhaust system to obtain maximum vehicle performance. However, the air and fuel mixture is not merely given off just like that. The mixture has to go through a series of processes before accomplishing its purpose in the end. These processes are partly overseen by the oxygen sensor. The sensor works together with the catalytic converter to make the exhaust system further realize its goal of giving great performance and lesser emissions to the car. A sensor's setting can vary depending on the vehicle make or model. The sensor can be attached at the catalytic converter's back, or positioned between the engine and the catalytic converter. The SNG oxygen sensor in general is a mandatory vehicle component to guarantee that the amount of harmful exhaust is discharged by the engine in order to reduce its negative effects in the environment. It estimates the amount of oxygen inside the exhaust to ensure that the air and fuel combination is balanced. Black smoke, noxious odor, and inefficient vehicle performance are signs that a car owner should remember if the sensor needs inspections. Build-up of elements like silicone, lead, and oil will also prevent the sensor to function properly. There's a wide selection of replacement oxygen sensors that you can stumble upon in the auto market, from your local dealer down to online auto parts shops. To prevent early oxygen sensor damage, always remember to examine it regularly. A poorly-functioning sensor will result to more exhaust emissions, eventually making your vehicle fail at an emissions test. If you want your car's efficiency and great performance back, then replace those failing stock sensors with a brand new SNG oxygen sensor. Acting quickly will always prevent disaster for your car's precious systems.