Motorcraft Car Parts & Accessories

Having 100 years of experience in building car parts is definitely a solid boost to any brand or company that aims to stand out in the automotive industry. This is why Motorcraft continues to attract buyers. A brand under Ford -- a global company known for its extensive experience in manufacturing cars and car parts -- Motorcraft is a recommended source of parts particularly for Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles. From A/C components to safety accessories, this brand has everything you need to keep your car in good shape, upgrade its looks, and make it a safer vehicle to drive.

First introduced by the Ford Motor Company during the fifties, it was dropped shortly when the company bought Autolite. In 1972, Motorcraft replaced Autoline as a provider of OE and replacement parts for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars. Today, many of the brand's parts can actually be used to equip other car makes and models that aren't built by Ford. Aside from parts and accessories, the brand also sells motor oil that's made to last longer than the regular 3,000-mile change interval.

If you want top-of-the-line replacement parts without the high price for your Ford, Mercury, or Lincoln, then Motorcraft is the perfect brand for you. This is highly recommended by Ford as a provider of vehicle-specific parts that are available at budget-friendly prices. Because they're built to perfectly match your car's specs, installing them is very easy. As for product integrity and quality, you don't have to worry because they're backed up by Ford's expertise; each product manufactured must meet Ford Motor Company's strict quality standards.

Now when planning to purchase Motorcraft parts, make sure that you only go for genuine parts. Counterfeit components have invaded the market and the only way to avoid getting scammed is to buy only from a reliable retailer such as Parts Train. Our parts from this brand are 100% genuine and are included in our low price guarantee. Plus, we also offer fast shipping and dependable payment options. So if you're looking for OE parts that'll meet your standards, match your car's specs, and fit your budget, our site is the perfect online shopping destination.