Motive Gear Car Parts & Accessories

Motive Gear is a division of the Midwest Truck and Auto Parts, Inc. It specializes in manual transmission, transfer case, axle and differential gears and assemblies. Its main products include differential gears, axles, bearings, transmissions, and transfer case. As the name implies, Motive Gear is all about automotive gears. The differential products of Motive Gear include ring and pinions that comparatively have more ratio than the products offered by other companies. More ratio means greater range of speed and torque. This will allow your vehicle to be more versatile, regardless of the terrain. You can maneuver on a slope, dirt rode or highway with almost equal ease if your vehicle has greater ratio. Greater ratio allows your vehicle to go farther and to carry heavier loads.

Motive Gear also supplies high-quality axle shafts that are perfectly suitable for light, medium and off-road driving. All truck and jeep makes, either domestic or imported, are covered by the axle products of Motive Gear. Motive Gear offers axles for rear wheel drive automobiles, jeeps, vans and pickup tucks for either off-road or on-road use. The axle products of Motive gear are high-quality aftermarket replacements for OEM axles. An automobile axle is a crucial and fundamental component of the drive train. It transfers, torque, power and speed from the driveshaft. It carries some suspension load. It allows the wheel to maintain constant output.

The third main products that Motive Gear offers are the bearings. Motive Gear has an extensive selection of bearings that complements the differential gear products. Every differential gear assembly has a corresponding set of bearings. Hence, installation is always convenient. You do not need to play guessing game just to find the perfect fit. Bearings are integral part of the differential assembly as it allow the smooth rotation of the differential gears. They minimize friction by allowing the ball bearings to slide. Grease lubricants are not enough to do the job. The fourth main product of Motive Gear is transmission. It offers a wide selection of transmission components and complete rebuild kits. The fifth main product of Motive Gear is transfer case components. The transfer case is the component that allows smooth transfer of power and gear shift. Here at Parts Train, you can find all Motive Gear products and many more.