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Worried about your car's paint? One good thing about automotive paint is no matter how dusty or muddy it gets, it'll still be shiny after a simple car wash. But once you develop the habit of skipping regular carwashes, the paint will start to degrade faster than you can imagine. Dirt, in all its forms and chemical compositions, can actually form acids through time. And when left on your car's paint, dirt can cause a heck of a lot of trouble. Fortunately, there's one product that can keep acid from destroying your car's paint job: Mothers Wax.This product contains Carnauba wax, a type of wax extracted from the leaves of the Carnauba tree found in many parts of SouthAMerica. The Carnauba tree produces this wax to protect itself from the harsh conditions found in rain forests, namely smoldering heat, direct sun exposure, almost constant rainfall, and high moisture in the air. And since Mothers Wax shares the Carnauba wax's special properties like extreme heat tolerance, high luster, and a long-lasting finish, your car's paint will be given the same high level of protection. It's also hundred percent non-abrasive and can be applied countless times. Plus, it somehow cleans as it binds with your car paint to give your ride a sleek, glossy appearance.Mothers started off with a single product—an alloy wheel polish that gives dull, aluminum surface an almost chrome-like finish. This first product became so popular that the company expanded to as much as 70 different kinds of polishing products. Mothers is also a regular in many major auto shows, drawing large crowds of car fans who will do anything to keep their cars shining like diamonds.If you're one of those protective car owners, then you'll love the Mothers Wax. Mothers polishing products are available at, so drop by our catalogs today.