Mothers Car Parts & Accessories

Who knew that a manufacturer of a 4 oz can of mag and aluminum polish would eventually become one of the most recognized brands of car care products today? From a small-time company that sold alloy wheel polish, Mothers is now a brand known for its wide array of cleaners, polishes, waxes, and surface care tools to help you keep your car looking brand-new.

Starting out as a manufacturer of mag & aluminum polish in the seventies, Mothers was the go-to brand of car owners who wanted their alloy wheels to keep their original chrome-like shine. Because the company's first-ever product became so popular, customers started to demand for a wax and cleaner they can use on their car's paint jobs. After doing some research and product testing, the company came up with Mothers California Gold Cleaner & Wax. Throughout the years, the company was able to expand its product lines. Today, it now offers car wash soaps, chrome cleaners, tire wash solutions, interior cleaners, protectants, and polishing balls and foams.

To make sure its products will stand out from the rest of the cleaners, wax, and polishes in the market, it uses only the finest grade of carnauba wax. Compared to other kinds of wax, carnauba is considered as the best kind of polishing material for cars. It's highly heat-resistant and can provide a long-lasting finish to painted automobile surfaces because of its hardness. Commercial carnauba wax is available in different grades, with #1 yellow as the finest grade. By using only #1 yellow carnauba wax on its cleaner wax and paste products, you're sure that Mothers products will keep your car looking like it just came off from the showroom.

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