Moog Tie Rod Assembly & Accessories

Moog tie rod assembly is a great replacement for your original unit when its time for it to be replace with a new one. Typically, the tie rod assembly is at the core or center of the vehicle steering and suspension systems. On vehicles with conventional suspension system, the tie rod assembly connects the center link to the steering knuckle and recirculating ball steering gears. However, on vehicles that use the MacPherson strut suspension and rack-and pinion steering gears, these tie rod assembly connect the end of the rack to the steering knuckle.

For whatever type of suspension your vehicle has the purpose and function of your tie rod assembly is exactly the same. The main purpose of every tie rod assembly is to transmit power from your steering center link or the rack gear to your steering knuckle, which result for your vehicle wheels to turn. The outer tie rod end connects with an adjusting sleeve, which allows the length of the tie rod to be adjustable. This adjustment is used to set a vehicle's 'toe', a critical alignment angle. If your vehicle is out of alignment, it can cause not only uneven tire wear, it can also cause other components of the suspension and steering systems to experience higher friction and vibration, resulting for premature failing.

This is why it is important for your tie rod assembly to have regular check at least once a year. A worn tie rod end assembly can cause wandering, erratic steering, and excessive tire wear. If your tie rod assembly needs an immediate replacement, a wheel alignment is also required because tie rod assembly replacement truly affects the toe setting. For Moog tie rod assembly selection, visit the complete line of auto needs and accessories of the Parts Train.