Moog Thrust Arm & Accessories

If you are looking for a great and dependable replacement to your worn out thrust arm, Moog thrust arm is the one you are looking for. Since it is made from Moog, you can be sure of its quality and durability. Moog is one of the best makers of great replacement suspensions, as well as steering components that can be a direct replacement to your original unit in order to bring back the efficient working of your vehicle.

Moog is a brand name that includes different suspension and steering components such as the ball joints, control arm bushings, chassis tie rod, and many others, of course including the component you need, the thrust arm. Moog brand is more focused on the secondary components that aid in maintaining the correct alignment and efficient working of different auto parts of your vehicle. Secondary means that all Moog products are direct replacement for the original component that your vehicle is already equipping. And since it is made universal, it can be used on most vehicle make and model. Like for instance of its thrust arm, regardless of what make and model your vehicle is, you can apply the Moog thrust arm to take the place of the original one.

In general, a thrust arm is a leading or trailing arm meant to handle the thrust loads of braking or acceleration rather than lateral loads. Depending on the angle, it could be doing both jobs. With its complex function, it is a must to get it replaced somewhere around 35,000 to 45,000 miles of use of your vehicle or when it starts getting what feels like wheel/tire imbalance vibrations in the steering wheel and during times of light braking. You can acquire this, here at Parts Train's complete line of auto parts and accessories of all makes and models.