Moog Sway Bar Link & Accessories

Like any other sway bar link, Moog sway bar link is a component that is used practically on the suspension system to control the body roll. It is a sort of a bar used on the front and/or rear suspensions to help keep the body flat as your vehicle rounds a corner. Sway bar or often called as stabilizer bar, anti-sway bar, roll bar, or anti-roll bar(ARB) is also one of the most important part of your vehicle suspension and steering system.

It connects opposite wheels together through short lever arms linked by a torsion spring. A sway bar increases the suspension's roll stiffness and its resistance to roll in turns, independent of its spring rate in the vertical direction. This means that it greatly improves your vehicle cornering agility. By replacing the sway bar with one of its larger diameter, it can increase its cornering agility even more. Generally, sway bar links are made of spring steel and mounts to the frame or unibody. The main purpose of it is to help in reducing your vehicle lean during cornering.

Since it has great effect on your vehicle performance, this makes the sway bar link entitled for regular checking at least once a year. Worn, damaged, or missing bushings can cause excessive leaning on turns or a metallic rattling sound from underneath your vehicle whenever going over the bumps. When this happens, it would be better if you get help from a professional mechanic to inspect your vehicle steering and suspension. If you are looking for a good and reliable sway bar link for your vehicle, Moog sway bar link is just exactly what you need. All of Moog products are now here at Parts Train. What are you waiting for, check them out now!