Moog Suspension Bushings & Accessories

Most suspension bushings including the Moog suspension bushing are designed to take all the punishment your vehicle can suffer whenever you are using it. Typically, these suspension bushings are constructed in elastomeric materials. However, they are also divided into two major materials such as the rubber based bushings and the polyurethane bushings. The rubber bushings have better damping for highway driving and passenger vehicle use, while the polyurethane bushings have lower damping but tougher structure for competitive motorsports and off road usage.

Since your vehicle's original rubber suspension bushings cannot withstand the great impacts receive by your vehicle or the forces of your vehicle setup at a non-stock riding height that is why they are at a huge risk of failing. This is where the Moog suspension bushings come in. This are made from very reliable materials such as polyurethane that is better suited to take all that abuse compared to your stock rubber suspension bushings. Installing the Moog suspension bushings is just very simple; you will only need common vehicle tools.

Every Moog suspension bushing can give more firmness to the components, as well as add to the performance improvement on your vehicle. The durability of these suspension bushings is superior to most rubber components used on vehicles. As for oil, road salt, and other under vehicle contaminants can truly destroy or damage the rubber bushings, this is why Moog suspension bushings are made from specialized rubber compound that can certainly withstand to those contaminants and give your vehicle a longer-lasting performance and will not compress permanently. Aside from absorbing some of the roughness or vibration that your vehicle undergoes, these suspension bushings also serve as bearing and as an isolator. So, if you need great and dependable suspension bushings for your vehicle, choose only Moog suspension bushings from the Parts Train.