Moog Steering Rack Bushing & Accessories

Like any other steering rack bushing, the Moog steering rack bushing is also made of rubber and tends to wear out rather quickly, leading to vague or loose steering response on your vehicle. This bushing is practical part of your vehicle steering rack that has great function on the said component. It is used mainly to have a perfect tight on connecting the steering rack from the other components that needs its functionality.

But all these great functioning of your steering rack will be more useless, if it is not well connected or joint to where it supposed to be. That is why this steering rack bushing is vital. Since this bushing is made from rubber or specialized rubber, it is still vulnerable from tearing and as well as wearing. Replacing of your steering rack bushing is fairly simple and does not need to remove all the assembly of your steering rack. Here is the procedure on how to do it. First, you just have to remove the rack housing, and the place the matchmarks on the tie rod and rack end so that the toe will not be changed, and subsequently remove the tie rod end. Right after you remove it, you can now remove the rack boot, using a screwdriver to loosen the clamp. But be very careful not to damage the boot. By this time you can now replace the worn out part with the updated part. Be sure to align the projection on the bushing with the hole in the bracket. To complete the job, recheck all the fasteners for tightness and make sure the tie rod end cotter keys are in place and you're done.

Whenever you are looking for a good replacement to your original but worn out steering rack bushing, here at our catalog you can select from our wide coverage of different steering rack bushing for various vehicle make and model, including of course the Moog steering rack bushing you need.