Moog Radius Arm & Accessories

Moog Radius Arm is practically is one of the most important part on your steering and suspension system. To be more specific, it is a suspension member which is designed to control the wheel motion of your vehicle in the longitudinal plane. It is typically mounted ahead of your wheel. With its placement, it greatly resist dive under braking forces and wheel hop under acceleration. Most of radius arm is usually made of stamped steel or aluminum for lightness, as they are part of the vehicle's unsprung weight.

Typically, radius arm is the large V shaped metal piece that goes toward the back of the vehicle. It is about more or at least 18 inches long, with the small part of the V pointing toward the back of your vehicle. It has a large threaded end that fits through the bushing and has a bolt on the end.

Radius arm like the Moog Radius Arm is also a great performance enhancer for your vehicle. By just extending your stock radius arm, it can have a large effect on your vehicle performance. You may have up to 30% better wheel articulation, improved turning radius, better tire clearance, and less frame fatigue than caused by radius arm drop brackets. The bottom line is, in order to get maximum performance out of your lift; extended radius arms like the Moog Radius arm are a must.

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