Moog Pitman Arm & Accessories

A pitman arm like the Moog pitman arm is a steering component employed on every vehicle. This component is practically connected to the steering box sector shaft that moves side to side to steer the wheels. It is a linkage attached to the steering box sector shaft that initiates the lateral movement of the sector shaft into the linear motion needed to steer the wheels. The function of the pitman arm is greatly dependent on the steering gear because the pitman arm is attached to the steering gear shaft and acts as a lever, converting torque from the steering gear to mechanical force for movement of the steering linkage.

This pitman arm like the Moog pitman arm is mainly used on vehicles with conventional suspension systems and parallelogram steering. This type of suspension and steering arrangement is used virtually on all rear-wheel drive vehicles and also in many light trucks. Every pitman arm is consists of a splined arm that connects the steering gear and a threaded bearing stud and seat. The lower part of the threaded bearing stud is being covered with a protective dust boot, which prevents the entry of dirt into the bearing and seat, while the upper part of the bearing stud is connected to the center link of the steering linkage.

With its complex function on your steering and suspension systems, pitman arm is a must to maintain. It should always be lubricated at every oil change and inspected with a complete wheel alignment. If the steering wheel is wandering, loose or erratic steering and tires are excessively wearing; you are having trouble on your pitman arm. Replace it with the Moog pitman arm from Parts Train's complete line of auto needs of all makes and models. Check us out now to restore the efficiency pf your vehicle.