Moog Idler Arm Bushing & Accessories

Whenever you are looking for a great replacement to your worn out idler arm bushing, the Moog idler arm bushing is exactly what you need. This bushing is made from very reliable materials such as polyurethane that is better suited to take all that abuse compared to your stock rubber idler arm bushings. Every Moog idler arm bushing is designed to give more inflexibility to the components and add or improve the performance of your vehicle. The durability of these bushing is superior to most rubber components used on vehicles.

The idler arm bushing on most vehicles is a key pivot point to the mainly non-rack and pinion type steering systems. This bushing is pressed into the idler arm. It is a 12mm bolt that is installed through the arm and bushing itself secures your idler arm to the subframe of your vehicle. Since it is made of rubber, it gets wear out due to deterioration and can cause wandering or seized and it will eventually start creaking. At the first sign of damage on your idler arm bushing, it is a must that you take an immediate action to it. A replacement is highly recommendable.

However, your idler arm bushing is one of the most misunderstood parts in the steering system. But as part of your vehicle, it also deserves proper care and attention. Though it is just a simple component, when it is worn out and neglected, it can also cause major wreckage on your vehicle assembly particularly on your steering system. Most idler arm bushings has a serrated teeth that is designed to grab the idle arm at the bottom of the shaft and grab the large washer at the top of the shaft. The Moog idler arm bushing you need is available here at Parts Train.