Moog Idler Arm & Accessories

This Moog idler arm is a direct replacement part for your original but worn out idler arm. This top brand aftermarket auto part is manufactured from quality materials for strength and durability; greaseable for smoother flowing steering system. Basically, the idler arm is a pivoting support for the steering linkage. The idler arm is consists of a bracket, an arm that connects the bracket to the center link of the steering linkage, and an internal pivot bearing. A few vehicles use two idler arms. Generally, it is a pivot point in a parallelogram steering system that follows the motions of your vehicle pitman arm.

Generally, an idler arm is attached between the opposite sides of the center link, from the pitman arm and your vehicle's frame to hold the center link at its proper height. It is consist of a rod which pivots on a bracket attached to the frame of the vehicle on one end and supports a ball joint on the other end. The main purpose of this idler arm is to assists your vehicle pitman arm by supporting the steering linkage as it moves in the direction controlled by the steering gear. This is typically used on most vehicles with conventional suspension systems and parallelogram steering like with your pitman arm. This type of suspension and steering set up is used mostly on rear-wheel drive vehicles and many light trucks.

Same with the pitman arm, your idler arm should always be lubricated at every oil change be maintained and checked yearly, along with a complete wheel alignment. The most common symptoms of a worn idler arm include wandering, tire edge wear, and loose or erratic steering. A worn idler arm typically causes steering wander or looseness and toe wear. If it needs replacement, acquire the Moog idler arm from the Parts Train.