Moog Crossmember Repair Kit & Accessories

The Moog crossmember repair kit is a must to use if you are performing a repair on your vehicle crossmember together its other components. This crossmember repair kit comes complete with all mounting hardware and brackets. It is ideal for use with engine side mounts. It can also be used on all body styles and frame types except convertibles. This Moog crossmember repair kit is not intended for repairing task but for installation of upgraded transmission. Due to most vehicle has a crossmember installed underneath them, this makes the crossmember repair kit a must have tool.

In vehicles, crossmember is a long and large beam of metal, usually bent into a convoluted channel shape, which passes under the vehicle's oil pan and connects either side of the vehicle's chassis together. This crossmember is installed to serve as a structural member to help keep the floored chassis together. Moreover, it is a sort of a section of steel, usually boxed, that is bolted across the frame of your vehicle, to support your vehicle engine and its transmission.

As the fast changes on our vehicle industry particularly on the models of vehicles, there are many types of crossmembers used in different vehicles today. Some vehicle crossmembers are removable, allowing you to replace them with a custom or replacement crossmember whenever you want and need to. On other vehicles, however, the crossmember is designed as part of the body shell and thus cannot be removed. If the crossmember of your vehicle is removable and you want to replace it, better know its specifications first before attempting any replacement. With the help of the Moog crossmember repair kit, you can be able to determine the exact and precise specification of your crossmember. Acquire this auto part here at Parts Train.