Moog Car Parts & Accessories

Moog is a brand name that includes different suspension components such as ball joints, control arm bushings and chassis tie rod. Moog brand is more focused on the secondary suspension components that aid in maintaining the correct alignment of different automotive parts. It is also concerned about the stability of the different suspension parts. Stability entails the reduction of vibration as well as the deterioration of the different components. For example, the Moog control arm bushing reduces the vibration, noise and wear of the control arm. The bushing connects the control arm to the chassis of the vehicle. The control arm serves as structural support and pivot for the main suspension component, i.e., the strut. The Moog bushing is comprised of flexible material (usually rubber or polyurethane) that is enclosed in a metal tube.

Moog products are secondary suspension components that provide support for other suspension components and the vehicle body as a whole. The Moog chassis tie rod, for instance, help in maintaining alignment of the vehicle chassis without compromising flexibility. This component acts as center drag link for the rest of the vehicle chassis. In vehicles with segmented chassis such as pickup trucks, the Moog chassis tie rod is very crucial in maintaining chassis alignment while allowing optimal range of motion. Other Moog products such as ball joints provide pivot points for the chassis and suspension components.

A Moog ball joint is important in steering. It allows the front wheels to turn on either side. It carries the suspension load of the front wheels. It provides the pivot necessary for the wheels to turn. Typically, each front wheel has two ball joints – one upper ball joint and one lower ball joint. Ball joints enable the vehicle to be maneuvered efficiently. Ball joints are used as steering linkage and steering knuckle pivot support. It is comprised of a ball and socket components, allowing it to be more flexible. The ball and socket are constructed out of steel, bearing stud and socket that is contained in a steel housing. If you are searching for Moog products, look no further because you can find them all here at Parts Train.