Monroe Struts & Accessories

Whenever you need a replacement to your vehicle struts, Monroe struts are an excellent replacement for you original equipment (OE) shocks and struts. These struts offer you the ultimate ride and fantastic cornering to boot. Monroe is one of the oldest names in the ride control business, which means that when you need a replacement part for your vehicle, particularly on it suspension system, Monroe parts are your best choice.

Representing the cutting edge on its every advanced strut design technology, Monroe struts are manufactured only with high performing parts and services. Every strut is incorporated with impact sensor technology or the IST. This IST is basically a sort of an impact sensor. This is a smart valve that could detect when your strut just hit a bump. It is also equipped with Fluon-banded piston, which helps a quick respond of the strut itself upon encountering bumps on the road. In addition, all struts from Monroe are filled with nitrogen gas that performs as a preventing factor against foaming and aeration in the shock fluid. These top-performing features, engineered with the latest innovation in the strut design technology, makes Monroe struts the best buy strut system. The high-strength steel seals and rods, along with other special features, just prove that Monroe is still one of the best replacement struts in the market.

So if you want to achieve the latest in strut technology, use Monroe struts for your vehicle. Here at Parts Train, you can find Monroe struts fast and easy. All of our Monroe struts are all premium replacement for most vehicles, and are well suited for OE replacement. Find the Monroe struts that fit your vehicle application, and be surprised when you find out just how small an investment the new Monroe struts as compared to what it can do for your vehicle.