Monroe Shocks & Accessories

Monroe Sensatrac shocks offer a clue within their name to one of their most appreciated features, an impressive sensitivity to changing road conditions. With their innovative design, Monroe Sensatrac shocks are a prime example of why the Monroe name has been associated with quality shocks since 1926, when their first shocks became commercially available. Monroe Sensatrac shocks first hit the market in 1991 and, due their durability and smart design, are now a favorite among car and truck drivers everywhere. The sensitivity of Monroe Sensatrac shocks offers not just a comfortable, smooth ride, but also contributes to confident driving control. One of the design factors that contributes to both the comfort and control associated with Monroe Sensatrac shocks is the larger than the norm bore. Monroe Sensatrac shocks for automobiles feature a 1 3/16th of an inch bore, and those for trucks offer a bore of 1 3/8 inch. The fluid used in Monroe Sensatrac shocks is suitable for all weather types, meaning that the summer's blazing sun or the winter's whipping winds are unlikely to significantly affect the performance of Monroe Sensatrac shocks. This fluid, which contains additives to help reduce friction, works in combination with a specially tapered tube design to help ensure the smooth movement of the pistons. Monroe Sensatrac shocks have the advantage of offering superior value and performance at a reasonable price, backed up by a name that has been trusted since the early part of the last century, particularly for its innovative and durable shock designs.