Monroe Car Parts & Accessories

When it comes to high-quality OEM and aftermarket struts, springs and shock absorbers, Monroe is a trusted name. The Monroe Company was founded in 1916 and since then it has been committed to product quality, customer satisfaction and technological innovations. However, the Monroe Company started as a company that originally manufactured tire pumps. After more than 90 years of existence, the Monroe Company is now one of the most trusted names when it comes to suspension components. It is a leading company in the aftermarket automotive industry. Many other companies such as Tenneco rely on Monroe for supplies. Aside from suspension components, Monroe also manufactures other automotive products such as exhaust components and brake components. However, these other products are purely to supply other companies.

Monroe has a company logo that emphasizes three safety standards. They name it as the safety triangle which is consists of steering, stopping and stability. All of these aspects are greatly influenced by the suspension components that Monroe manufactures. The safety triangle underscores the importance of checking and maintaining the different components that control the ability of the vehicle to avoid accidents. The first aspect of the triangle of safety is steering. Steering has many sub-components such as the steering shaft, steering rack, the steering pinion, the tie rod, the steering arm, the front wheels and, of course, the steering wheel. However, all of these components would be ineffective if vehicle vibration cannot be controlled.

To avoid jerky steering, suspension components such as struts are installed on the front wheels. A separate strut may also be installed along the steering shaft to provide better handling. The second aspect of the safety triangle is stopping. This aspect refers to braking. Braking also has many sub-components such as the brake disc, brake drum, brake fluid, and brake transmission. Braking or stopping is also aided by the suspension component by maintaining tire traction. The suspension components compensate for vehicle momentum during braking. The third aspect of safety is stability. Stability is achieved by minimizing vehicle vibration and cushioning momentum during braking. Here at Parts Train, you can find different Monroe products for a variety of applications.