Miyaco Car Parts & Accessories

Investing in parts made by Miyaco is definitely a wise decision. After all, this is a brand known for its dedicated employees, state-of-the-art facilities, high-tech testing sites, and highly efficient R & D and production processes. What started out as a small Japan-based company is now a globally recognized manufacturer of brake parts such as brake hoses, disc brake pads, and disc brake seal kits. To keep up with the ever-changing needs of its customers, it also expanded to include other product lines such as steering boots, wheel cylinder cup kits, and clutch master cylinders.

Miyaco is able to stay ahead of its competitors by using only the the latest CAD technology for precision during the product designing stage. To properly execute the designs, advanced manufacturing equipment at the company's NC Work Machining Center is used. As for quality control, the company has some of the strictest standards in the industry and uses only the latest testing equipment. The company now has several branches across Japan: Sapporo, Osaka, Nagoya, Yuki, and Tokyo. With world-class resources and a dedicated R & D team at their disposal, Miyaco continues to offer top-of-the-line brake parts.

The company also highly invests in its people. This is why its philosophy - "The passion of our staff is our energy." - is centered on its employees. From the product development team to the manufacturing and product testing staff, the company's employees take great pride in their work. Partner this with the Japanese people's work ethic and you're sure to find some of the most dedicated brake part engineers, workers, and experts at Miyaco.

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