Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Car Parts & Accessories

With so many brands offering car parts today, choosing one can be overwhelming. When it comes to durability and dependability however, one name stands out - Mitsubishi Electric Automotive. It currently offers a wide variety of well-built parts that include MPV distributors, alternators, fuel pumps, starters, and camshaft position sensors. Aside from electrical components, the brand is also a leading provider of safety applications and systems such as anti-theft, radar, and airbag controls. Today, a variety of top car manufacturers rely on Mitsubishi Electric Automotive for parts, accessories, and applications that aim to make your car convenient to use, easy to maintain, and environment-friendly.

Imagination, creativity, and the latest in automotive technology are the forces behind this brand's continuing success throughout its 80 years in the industry. To turn Mitsubishi Electric Automotive's vision into a reality, a dedicated team is tasked to apply the research and development results to every car part manufactured. From product design to the actual production, the company's different facilities are designed to coordinately closely with each other. These facilities include the following: Basic Development centers (Information Technology and Advanced Technology R & D centers, and the Industrial Design center), Automotive Electronics center, and the Japan-based production sites located at Himeji, Fukuyama, and Sanda.

Aside from basic parts such as alternators, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive also manufactures components designed to conserve energy, provide safer driving, and make cars smarter. Examples of such products are the Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system, brushless motor, image processing camera, airbag control unit, Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system, and HDD navigation system. But the company doesn't just stop here. Supported by its R & D team and global resources, the brand continues to come up with innovative automotive products and applications that'll make your life easier. Because of its diverse range of product lines that are continuously expanding, the company is able to establish itself as a leading auto parts manufacturer worldwide.

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