Mintex Car Parts & Accessories

It takes a lot of commitment to be one of the best brands in the car parts industry. That's why Mintex, a top provider of brake shoes and pads, continues to show its dedication to product research and development. Today, many vehicle owners rely on this brand whenever they need a new brake shoe or pad that's easy to install and will last for years.

Boasting a rich history and years of experience in the automotive industry, Mintex started out as a supplier of brake linings for the Ford Model T in 1910. This historic vehicle put Henry Ford on the spotlight, as this was the first-ever car made for the masses. It featured an affordable price, ergonomic design, easy-to-maintain engine and parts, and a size that's perfect for the family. As the brand that was chosen to create brake linings for 20th century's most influential car, it was able to establish its reputation as a top manufacturer of brake parts. Decades after its first foray into the automotive brakes industry, the company successfully ventured into F1 racing in 1940. In 2000, it came up with TMD Friction, a group that manufactures brake materials for various brands including Mintex.

To keep up with its reputation as one of the leading providers of brake shoes, pads, drums, accessory kits, brake fluid, and the Cera Tec lubricant, it has built world-class facilities and testing areas. Supported by high-quality resources and TMD Friction's OE expertise, Mintex continues to set new standards for brake parts built for extreme performance and durability. Every material and part is meticulously tested at TMD Friction's testing sites across the globe to ensure that it exceeds industry standards. Because TMD Friction invests a total of 30 million euros annually for research and development, you're sure that each product is built to perform beyond your expectations.

So if you need replacement brake parts, never settle for anything less than Mintex products, which you can conveniently purchase at Parts Train. Our site offers a user-friendly catalog and a low price guarantee that'll help you save a lot. Partner these with our reliable shipping and secure payment options, and you're sure to enjoy shopping here.