Mile Marker Winch & Accessories

It took over two decades for Mile Marker to successfully create the most unique products for off-road vehicles. The quality of its products has been proven in the revolutionary Mile Marker Winch. This has set the standard for the new millennium, utilizing the vehicle's original power steering pump as its hydraulic source. As we all know, the steering is arguably the most important aspect in maneuvering the vehicle, so no wonder the power steering pump has evolved in the most reliable vehicles these days. With that regard, Mile Marker has come up with a winch that will allow the continuous use of reliable power supply over the battery power of the competitors. The Mile Marker winch has undergone series of tests which shown results of a power steering pump that would continuously operate even while pulling heavy loads. This actually ran cooler when winching while driving off-road. Its 18.7ci hydraulic motor with integrated solenoid uses the power steering to deliver 12000lbs. of pulling power with no longer duty cycles and cooler temperatures. The fine craftsmanship, expert engineering and reliable durability of the Mile Marker winch taps into the vehicle's rig's power steering pump, holding an enormous amount of potential energy. For your heavyweight rigs, you would need heavy-duty winches especially when they are exploring uncharted territories. The Mile Marker winch is notably popular in the industry already. When you ask a sunburned dune surfer, bloody-knuckled rock crawler, or a greasy tow truck operator, there is only one brand they would tell you, the Mile Marker. The winch of Mile Marker has all the muscle that your truck or SUV could ever need. The innovative hydraulic design runs circles around traditional electric winches. It includes 100' of 3/8' galvanized aircraft grade cable spliced onto a planetary gear train. Don't be left behind, the Mile Marker winch is just a click away on our mouse if you have it right through our online store.