Micro Temp Infrared Thermometer & Accessories

In its quest to provide drivers with efficient automobile accessories, Micro Temp has come up with advanced ideas like the infrared thermometer. This device offers an easy way to measure the temperature of your vehicle even from a distance, so auto maintenance and problem diagnosis becomes easier. Offered with a nice display read out that can be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius, the Micro Temp infrared temperature should always be in your pocket.To give you a variety of choices, Micro Temp offers its infrared thermometers in five different styles. Its non–contact 2.75 x 94 x 1.8 x 1.5 black Micro Temp infrared thermometer is easy on the pocket. It features a distance–to–sight ratio of 2.6:1 and a measure range of –27 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. A bit elongated than the first is the brand's 2.6 x 94 x 1.4 x 0.7 x 94 black pocket–sized thermometer. It features a distance–to–sight ratio of 1:1 and a measure range similar to the first type. Both are powered by two Cr2032 batteries.There are also thermometers with pistol–grip design, which you can find in two specifications: one with a 9:1 distance–to–sight ratio and –76 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit measure range and another with 11:1 distance–to–sight ratio and –76 to 938 degrees Fahrenheit measure range. Both use laser sight to ensure pinpoint accuracy and both are powered by two AAA batteries. The last is a thermometer with a hand–held design featuring a 1:1 distance–to–sight ratio and –27 to 230 degree Fahrenheit measure range. This type is powered by two LR44 batteries.You can have any of these types of Micro Temp infrared thermometer to enjoy a more enjoyable and hassle–free automobile ownership. Through our catalog here at Partstrain.com, you can post your order and we guarantee fast shipping to your place!