Micro Temp Car Parts & Accessories

Many car parts brands come and go but one name stands strong: Micro Temp. A well-known manufacturer of auto micro switches and infrared thermometers, this is one company you can trust. Having years of experience in the automotive industry, it is now the go-to brand of many car owners who want only the best replacement parts for their vehicles.

Among the many products manufactured by Micro Temp are professional grade infrared thermometers. These are handy tools when getting the temperature of various car parts and systems. With an infrared thermometer, you don't need to touch or go too near the hot part just to get its temperature. Just point the thermometer's laser into the car part and a temperature read-out will appear on the LCD screen. No need to disassemble parts just to get a temperature measurement. This device is useful if you want to want to check on the temp of your car's brakes, AC, cooling systems, exhaust parts, and engine when troubleshooting. In terms of accuracy, the laser thermometer is way better than a regular heat-measuring device.

Another product Micro Temp is known for is its high-quality micro switches. Just like their infrared thermometers, the brand's micro switches are made from high-grade materials that won't easily rust or break down. With the help of top-of-the-line facilities, equipment, and testing sites, each of the company's products is built for durability and maximum performance. Plus, the brand offers micro switches for a variety of car makes and models. So whatever type of car you have, you can rely on this brand when it comes to long-lasting micro switches that are easy to install.

Aside from its high-tech facilities and equipment, the company also invests in the right people. From the research and engineering team to the customer service group, Micro Temp's employees are committed to provide only the best products and services. When you're looking for a reliable brand of automotive micro switches and infrared thermometers at Parts Train, Micro Temp should be your no. 1 choice. Don't settle for anything less because after all, your car deserves only the best.