Mevotech Car Parts & Accessories

Since 1982, Mevotech has been moving business in the automotive aftermarket. The company is unique and progressively specializing in top quality, technologically advanced automotive parts. It has also gained respect and loyalty from the customers because of the company's commendable service and customer support. Among the outstanding products of Mevotech is the control arm. This is the component of the suspension system that connects the wheel to the vehicle's frame and allows it to move independently. It is actually a link between the frame and the wheels that acts as a hinge to allow the wheels to go up and down independently of a chassis. Vehicles that are equipped with coil sprigs have control arms that work in correlation.

The logic behind the use of the control arm is simple. It allows the wheel to move up and down while the body, frame and the passengers stay smooth and level. The control bushings are the key components that ensure the proper functional of the control arm. Now, why choose Mevotech control arm? The answer is simple. The Mevotech supreme control arm offers the broadest, most complete coverage available in the market. In fact, the Mevotech program provides coverage for domestic, Asian, European and Light truck applications. More than 180 of these numbers come complete with ball joints and bushings.

More so, Mevotech takes pride in introducing its line of new CV drive shafts. The Company answers your need with both competitive edge and the superior quality you want. Each Mevotech shaft is thoroughly tested to ensure that you get maximum performance. Hence, making Mevotech your choice is definitely a good decision. Here in Parts Train, Mevotech auto parts are readily available so if you need a new control arm, this is the only place to go. Finding your needed auto part here at Parts Train is very easy. You just need to give us a click in order to get them. So we invite you to browse through our online catalog and you would surely be glad to see what is in store for you.