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Merit literally means "any admirable attribute." So it's no surprise then than Merit makes brake light switches that are outstanding in quality-especially durability.

Having a broken brake light switch is certainly a bummer. But most importantly, it's a hazard to you, your passengers and all the other drivers on the road with you. Without a light switch, your brake lights won't turn on whenever you step on your brake pedal. You won't be able to warn the people driving behind you when you're stopping or just slowing down. This can lead to a lot of accidents, whether you're going fast on the freeway or in a bumper-to-bumper traffic situation.

The brake or stop light switch is usually found under the dash. It needs electricity to work and turn on the brake lights, so naturally the switch has wires. Two actually, one called a power-in wire and the other, the power-out wire. Whenever you depress on your brake pedal, this action closes a complete electrical circuit with these two wires. And this is how your brake lights turn on. But wait, there's more. Brake light switches can also be used for cruise control cut off and shift lock trigger. The switch can work with cruise control by sending signals to the car's computer so your car decelerates automatically. It can also send signals to the computer for activating shift lock, which ensures that that the pedal is depressed before you can switch gears. That's how important this little switch is. So if you have a faulty switch, replace it with a high-quality Merit brake light switch.

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