Mean Green Alternator & Accessories

Coughing up the right amount of power shouldn't be difficult for your vehicle. Unless it's using a busted or low-quality alternator, that is. If that's the case, then don't expect much power to be dished out. Worse, expect lackluster performance. Now if this is something you're not keen on experiencing, make sure you're using a Mean Green Alternator.Compared to its competitors, the Mean Green Alternator provides your engine with up to 300 percent more power. This ensures that your vehicle gets all the power it needs to deliver superior performance. And the best part here is that you get to avoid going through charging problems. To help it do all these things, Mean Green had its alternator precision balanced. It added a steel rotorshaft that uses double sealed bearings for support. Mean Green also used a heat-resistant regulator that's capable of functioning even under harsh temperatures. A stock wiring was added as well for easy plug-in of the product. Finally, for quick and easy installation, each Mean Green Alternator comes in a direct-fit design. This gives you the exact fit you need minus the hassles of making any modifications to the product. With a Mean Green Alternator, producing the power your vehicle needs won't be a problem. And with a regular supply of power, you can expect it to perform at its best on the road. So don't think twice about getting this product for your ride here at PartsTrain today.