Maval Steering Rack & Accessories

Your Maval steering rack is basically composed of a rack that is enclosed with a steering pinion. This is attached to the steering wheel through the shafts and U-joints. When the steering wheel is rotated, the pinion pushed the steering rack to move at either sides. To let it turn to the left or to the right, the steering rack is associated to the front wheels through its ends. Conventional Steering racks are having normal power-assisted steering setup, where a rack-and-pinion and a stepped hydraulic ram carry a dividing plate in the middle. At one side of the plate, a small ram is giving twice the area for the fluid to work on. It is important that full system pressure is provided on the large side of the ram and half system pressure on the small side. Such pressures are maintained so that the ram remains perfectly balanced and centered. This is explained by the lower pressure that is working on a larger surface area. Power steering racks employ the engine-driven pump so that high-pressure hydraulic fluid is supplied abundantly to the steering rack once the wheel is turned. Through these pumps, the steering rack is easily turned. The power steering rack further allows the big amount of hoses, seals, and o-rings to hold the hydraulic fluid. Excessive wear and tear of the power steering rack will result to dangerous leaks. If hydraulic fluid becomes absent, difficult steering comes shortly. At such event, the steering rack badly needs repair or replacement. It is so advisable that you regularly check the steering system of your vehicle. Always make sure that once you found out a simple damage in the steering rack, an immediate replacement must be considered to avoid further expenses. For your quality Maval Steering Rack, we are here to assist you. Our exclusive list of auto parts and accessories is designed to facilitate your easy search. Call us toll free today for further details!