Marshall Engines Engine Assembly & Accessories

A remanufactured Marshall Engines engine assembly is a great choice if you're looking for a replacement for your road machine's engine assembly. This engine assembly features an overhead valve, cast block, aluminum head, oil pan, and crankshaft kit. It also includes an open EGR hole on its passenger side front of head and HEMI rocker shaft style heads. All parts included in the assembly are cleaned and machined to restore their efficiency, while all new seals and gaskets are used to ensure excellent performance. The block is also repainted in its original color, so your engine bay will also look the way it used to. Furthermore, installing this aftermarket product in place of your stock will surely revive and enhance the functions of your automobile.

Engineers of Marshall Engines ensure that you get the complete engine assembly in just a single purchase. So, when you get the Marshall Engines engine assembly, rest assured that it comes with complete high-quality parts. The oil pan already comes with a timing cover, oil pump, pick-up tube, screen, and gasket set. All these are factory-installed parts, so you can bet they'll work best in maintaining the important working components. The cylinder heads are bake-cleaned and shot-blasted to get rid of unnecessary elements. All seals, valves, springs and 3-angled cut-on valve seats are also of high quality. The crankshaft comes with the main and connecting rod bearings and is reground to original specifications. Oil holes are completely chamfered and micro-polished to obtain the original smooth finish and proper lubrication. And, aside from bake-cleaning and shot-blasting, every crank is checked for bends or other irregularities. Additionally, the entire engine is mag-inspected with the decks milled and the surface intensively checked.

Marshall Engines has been providing the automotive industry with top-caliber remanufactured engines and engine assemblies since 1982. That kind of experience, coupled with the company's strict manufacturing standards, is practically a guarantee that once you've installed a Marshall Engines engine assembly into your car, you can expect the original or even improved performance from your automobile. With a completely restored and reconfigured engine, rest assured that the former failures of your stock will not happen again.