Marshall Engines Car Parts & Accessories

When it comes to high-quality remanufactured engines, one brand you can trust is Marshall Engines. Why? Well, Aside from showing incomparable craftsmanship and meticulousness in all aspects of engine remanufacturing process, the company was among the first to adopt and meet QS-9000 quality standards. Set by the auto industry's major auto makers, the QS-9000 system is a standard that guarantees product quality. That makes Marshall Engines among the top choices when it comes to remanufactured engines.

Remanufacturing engines is Marshall Engines' expertise. The company uses careful processes where the original car engine and its parts are completely disassembled. Worn parts are then replaced, while the rest of the workable parts are cleaned, carefully checked, re-conditioned, and machined to OEM specifications. Each step of the remanufacturing process is completed in-house, so you can be sure of the quality of each engine from this company. Once done, the finished product is tested using state-of-the-art computerized equipment to ensure reliability and improved performance. Compared to rebuilding or simply replacing certain damaged engine parts, remanufacturing engines ensures better engine performance.

Besides meeting the industry's highest production standards, Marshall Engines is proud of being first to produce dynamometer-tested products. Through dynamometer testing, the company ensures the engine parts' durability and the stability of engine performance. Dyno-tested remanufactured engines produce more power and torque. Not only that! These remanufactured engines run under extreme loads and consistently deliver excellent performance no matter what the driving conditions are. Engines from this company are also resistant to overheating, plus they function perfectly even under excessively high temperatures.

Marshall Engines fully understands that the best way to upgrade your vehicle's performance is to have topnotch engine parts. So whether you're a typical street driver or an off-road adventure enthusiast, you can expect your vehicle to perform at its best with a Marshall Engines-branded product under the hood.