Mann-Filter Car Parts & Accessories

Filters: where would the modern car be without them? The junkyard, that's where. That's why companies like Mann-Filter do what they do: specialize in automotive filtration technology. What kind of filters? Well, all kinds. The company sells oil filters for your engine oil, air filters for the intake, fuel filters for the fuel injection, and even the outside air filter for your cabin. To understand how it all works, let's take a closer look at the technology behind it.

First, let's look at the Mann-Filter oil filter. This component is especially designed for cleaning up engine oil. See, as engine oil coats the moving metal parts of your engine for lubrication, it also has the added task of wiping the parts clean of contaminants. These contaminants include small and big metal shavings, some acids, and whatever by-product of internal-combustion that manages to be caught by the engine oil. The oil filter's job is to clean up the engine oil so it can be reused, otherwise, the oil will just degrade into a potentially damaging sludge aptly nicknamed "Black Death"-for its ability to render an engine useless.

Now, let's look at the Mann-Filter air filter and fuel filter. The first is a filter that fits on your car's intake; it ensures that every breathe of air your car takes is free from dirt and any other contaminants, giving your car a cleaner burn. A cleaner burn doesn't just mean a smoother ride; it also means better mileage and less toxic engine by-products. Now let's look at the fuel filter; this one simply ensures that only 100% fuel gets to your fuel-injection system. The two filters work together in order to provide the perfect air-fuel solution for ignition in the engine cylinders.

If you're out in the market hunting for the best filters in the market, look no further than Mann-Filter. Coincidentally, we sell the company's products right here on Parts Train, where you'll find that despite the high-quality of these filters, they're still being sold at rock-bottom prices. Why? Because we at Parts Train know how to make our customers happy, and that's just good business-the only kind of business we know and practice.