Manik Nerf Bars & Accessories

Building a high-quality nerf bar, like a Manik nerf bar, starts with the base material. Where most manufacturers settle for hot-rolled steel, a Manik nerf bar is constructed using only cold-rolled stel in the tube. Why? One look at the finish on a Manik nerf bar and it'll be obvious. Cold-rolled steel presents a much smoother surface for final finishing, so the chrome and powder coat on your Manik nerf bar is glassy-smooth and will stay that way for years to come. When so much attention is paid to the basics, you know you can be confident that your Manik nerf bar has the other bases covered too. For example, all installation hardware that comes with a Manik nerf bar set is designed to eliminate annoying vibrations as well as last the life of the bar. Seams are fully welded, and the steps on your Manik nerf bar are pressed into the appropriate recesses for heavy-duty endurance. It all adds up to a Manik SUV nerf bar simply being better. Now you can get your Manik nerf bar for a better price, too. We offer everyday wholesale pricing on each Manik nerf bar set we sell. On top of that, you don't pay for shipping either. It's a better deal on a better bar.